Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here’s what I want you to do, engage with me, follow me, subscribe to my blog, or comment on posts that you enjoy or that you don’t enjoy.

It’s a process of attracting attention because I want to know how you feel about what I write. I write on experiences that I’ve had from a young child to my current self, some are harsh, some funny, but always hopefully interesting.

To know how I’m writing I depend on you. I need to know that I am making a difference and even though I may be, how can I know unless you show me. You can do this by engaging with me, subscribing, following me, and commenting on my posts.

I’d like to hear from like-minded people, to share resources and information. I’d like to know if what I am sharing with is helpful.

Blogging is such a delightful resource and those who do blog find that we are addicted to writing each post. I was unfamiliar with blogging when I first began, now I find that I’m still learning. The one thing that I am sure of is that I love it and I want to share and connect with those of you who feel the same way. Or those of you who still wonder what this blogging world is about and those of you who have just begun, and are just getting your feet wet.

So join all of us who are new to this world of writing. Here’s how:

To Comment on a Post (let me and others know what you think about what you’ve read)

1. Click the “comments” link at the bottom of the post you would like to comment on.

2. Click the down arrow next to the “comment as” box, and choose the account you would like to sign in with, or choose “Anonymous.”

3. Write your thoughts in the “Post a Comment” box, then click “Post a Comment.”

4. If you have selected “Anonymous,” you will be directed to a screen to type in some letters so my blog will know you are a person and not a computer.

5. If you have selected to sign in, you will be directed to a screen to sign in with that account, and then to the screen to type in the letters.

6. Then click “Post Comment.” Once I review your comment, it will be posted for all to see.

7. Just a couple of house rules: keep it clean and be respectful to others.

To Subscribe to Glimmer (conveniently receive posts as e-mail messages)

1. At the top of the blog, to the right, there is a light green box. Where it says “Subscribe Via E-mail,” enter your e-mail address, and click “Subscribe.”

2. You will begin to receive my posts as e-mail messages. Read them and enjoy!

3. Don’t forget to visit the blog every now and then to post a comment (see above).

To Become a Follower of Glimmer (let me and others know you appreciate my blog)

1. Scroll down the page until you see the “Followers” section in the dark green right-hand column.

2. Click on “Follow.”

3. Click one of the icons to sign in with an account you already have, or click on the “Create a New Google Account” link to create a new one.

4. You will be directed to a form. Complete the form.

5. On the next screen, click “Follow This Blog.”

6. On the following screen, click “Done.”

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